Incidental exercise, meditation and nourishing your body.

Happy 3 things time! Here are 3 things to improve your fitness, level up your mindset and boost your success – the easiest way possible! 

1: Incidental exercise goes a long way. This is why standing or being active in a job is quite often beneficial regardless of the fact it’s not a ‘workout’. If you don’t have much incidental exercise in your week – bring it in yourself. Take the stairs instead of the lift, park a little further away from the door, go for a walk while having that phone conversation. It’s the little things that compound over the week.

2: Meditation is highly regarded amongst most, however, the traditional known method is not for everyone. Rather than feel like you have to sit on top of a mountain chanting, look at meditation as small moments of stillness. 1, 2, 3, 5, 10 minutes of just being present. Watching the birds in the sky, feeling the wind on your skin, touching the grass beneath your feet. Meditation can be simpler than you think. 

3: In health and fitness, what you put into your body (food and drink) matters almost more so than anything else. Instead of dieting to ‘punish’ your body, Focus on how you can nourish your body to honour it. 

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