Cruise weeks (and why you need them) Mindbody Fit

Do you have a goal that you feel you keep working towards but you're getting nowhere? Maybe you feel like you're having to restart again and again and don't know why you're not seeing any results. Well my friend, you need to be introduced to cruise weeks! If you haven't heard the term before, you're in for a treat! Cruise weeks could be just the thing that get you from working towards your goals to smashing through them!
  1. Cruise weeks (and why you need them)
  2. How to figure out what you REALLY want
  3. 10 habits that have helped me live my best life
  4. How to do the thing you’re scared to do
  5. The biggest lesson I've learnt in parenthood

Renowned Health and Fitness Coach Jess Jae presents the MindBody Fit podcast. After years of coaching doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, teachers, students and everything in between, Jess knows how to break down barriers to mind and body transformations.

Through a winning mix of short and long episodes, Jess will share how you can reignite your self belief, take back control of your mind and body and discover your healthiest and happiest self yet. The best bit? She’s going to share how you can do all of those things the easiest way possible!

Life is too complicated these days, in this space we’re going to simplify it!

You can find all current episodes above and you can follow the MindBody Fit podcast for free on Spotify, Apple podcasts and most podcast platforms.

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