Being present.

When was the last time you were truly present? When you weren’t reminiscing on the past nor looking ahead to the future? It’s incredible how rarely we give ourselves the opportunity to just be. Right here, right now, be. We wake up in the morning running through the tasks ahead of us in the day.Continue reading “Being present.”

The beginning of 2022

For the entire globe it’s the beginning of a New Year but here in Australia it’s also the beginning of our first exposure to mass Covid cases. We have had the privilege in Australia of being able to go on with relatively normal life for the last 2 years as the rest of the worldContinue reading “The beginning of 2022”

2 minutes for your health and wellbeing.

Action. “Stop wishing, Start Doing” Unknown Pablo Picasso once said “Action is the fundamental key to all success.” In its simplest form, this states that in order to succeed you need to do something. Hopes and dreams and wishful thinking are all wonderful thoughts yes, but they are simply that – thoughts. Though still importantContinue reading “2 minutes for your health and wellbeing.”