Being present.

When was the last time you were truly present? When you weren’t reminiscing on the past nor looking ahead to the future? It’s incredible how rarely we give ourselves the opportunity to just be. Right here, right now, be. We wake up in the morning running through the tasks ahead of us in the day.Continue reading “Being present.”

Saying yes vs saying no

I don’t know about you but I find it really hard to say no. In the past, I always thought of this as a good trait, however, over time I was able to see why this was becoming detrimental and not beneficial to my health and my life.​Whether it was someone asking for help, someoneContinue reading “Saying yes vs saying no”

Selflessness and selfishness, why both are important.

Most of us would agree that while being selfless is praised, being selfish is villainized. I would argue, however, that being selfish is an integral part of a healthy, happy and successful life. We all know that one person that doesn’t have a selfish bone in their body. They are always putting others first whetherContinue reading “Selflessness and selfishness, why both are important.”

Become a decathlete of your life.

I had a great question this week which is such a common query and so I thought it valued my Friday blog. How can I possibly prioritise my health when I have so many other things to take care of? Kids.Work.Pets.Washing.Study.Cooking.Exercise.Groceries.Housework.Responsibilities. There are so many tasks asked of us and boxes that need ticking inContinue reading “Become a decathlete of your life.”