10,000 steps, a powerful question and a lesson in resilience.

Happy Monday! Here are 3 things just for you this week. 1: Don’t get too caught up in the 10,000 steps challenge. Instead, focus on how you can increase your current movement by just 10%.  2: A powerful question to drive action – where will you be in 10 years time if you don’t startContinue reading “10,000 steps, a powerful question and a lesson in resilience.”

Taking action and staying consistent.

Going to the gym.Choosing the healthy option.Starting the book.Making the call.Taking the first step. These are all actions which can be the difference between achieving and not achieving our goals. We all know the word action, however, few of us give it the power that it deserves.​Action is the difference between thinking about losing weightContinue reading “Taking action and staying consistent.”